What it’s all about?

Hi, Python’s way it’s a place where I put solutions for various problems in today’s digital world.


Who am I?

I’m Adam Sałek, an engineer (do not confuse with software engineer) who is trying to do everything by himself. Of course by finding the easiest solution.


What’s with this title?


Has two meanings for me:

  1.  The name of programming language.
    When first I saw some basic concepts and structure of it, I was blown away! No more memory management, useless declarations, compilations, etc. In my opinion this higher level of abstraction is what all we needed
  2.  My nickname in college.
    Yes, you guessed it: PYTHON!!!

#for staying in the game

Back in the day the biggest problem was lack of information, but now we’re overwhelmed by it. I’m just trying to keep an eye on things (not just technology) to never be obsolete. So putting it all together, I want to succeed and become a better version of myself thanks to some simple hacks.



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