Why Python rocks?

Python is legit

Not that long ago when you were considering diving into programming you could choose from the C… or J… languages. But lately you have the whole range of letters. One is P like Python. I know, I know, they say it’s too slow, inefficient, only for small projects. But guess what they’re wrong. Now we can build any business logic with it.

Just scripting tool

As alternative to bash, sh


Data science

  • SciPy
    At the beginning it was the name of library. Now it’s the whole ecosystem, which is a collection of packages like:
    NumPy – Base N-dimensional array package
    SciPy library – Fundamental library for scientific computing
    Matplotlib – Comprehensive 2D Plotting
    IPython – Enhanced Interactive Console
    Sympy – Symbolic mathematics
    pandas – Data structures & analysis
  • scikit-learn
    Build on top of SciPy, Machine Learning tool
  • Conda
    This is a package, dependency and environment management system. Python optimised version is called Anaconda (or bootstrap version Miniconda).


Web Frameworks


Running on every platform

  • BeeWare
    Allows to release Python written app on multiple platforms.

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